Budgeting App Workshop

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 21
Video: 6.8 Hours
Follow Trevor Page as he shows you how to create an entire budgeting app from scratch. This will be a mobile friendly app that is created using Java + Bootstrap.
  Supplemental material available for download.
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What's Inside This Offer?

Budgeting App Workshop

Designing the App

Introduction (02:57)
Assigning Domain Properties (16:44)
Assigning Relationships (18:)
Creating Domain Objects (08:20)
Assigning Entities Relationships (30:41)
Designing the UI (15:59)

Coding Out The Basics

Updating Design to Include Budget Domain (16:42)
Spring Security Authentication (30:27)
Spring Security Authorization (28:20)
Creating a Registration Page (30:11)
Reformating Login Page (07:31)
Creating a Budgets View (17:)
Adding Budgets to the Database (43:22)
Refactoring with Thymeleaf Fragments (11:45)
Refactoring Adding Budget Code (16:35)

Coding Out the Meat and Potatoes

Creating the Budget UI (20:02)
Creating Groups (26:03)
Fixing Bugs with Groups (25:35)
Editing Group Names (17:37)

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