Mars Rover Api Workshop

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 37
Video: 9.5 Hours
In this course you'll learn how to use Spring Boot to create a web application that pulls data from NASA's Mars Rover API
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Mars Rover Api Workshop

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Intro to Full-stack Java Development (10:58)
What is an API (04:34)
Nasa Mars Rover API (08:23)
Intro to Postman (09:44)
Using Spring Tool Suite IDE to Create Spring Boot App (12:44)
Configuring our MySQL Database (14:54)
Starting to Use Spring MVC (13:25)
Deep dive on Spring Models (19:45)
Using RestTemplate and JUnit (10:59)
Mapping JSON Response to Java Objects (15:53)
Debugging JSON Response Mapping Issue (15:03)
Displaying Mars Rover Photos (20:36)
Bootstrap Crash Course (12:24)
Thymeleaf forEach magic (12:52)
Adding Dynamic Elements to our View (17:42)
Using JS to Add Events to Buttons (16:45)
POSTing Data via HTML Form to Java (18:04)
GETing Data via HTML Forms (10:46)
Highlighting Buttons with JavaScript (16:38)
Adding Mars Sol Filter (14:03)
Researching Mars Cameras API (13:40)
Data Binding with Thymeleaf (19:11)
Adding Mars Cameras to the View (12:19)
Mobile Friendly UIs with Bootstrap (12:19)
Improving Mars API Calls with Cameras (21:41)
Refactoring our Ugly Code (23:08)
Disabling Non-Valid Cameras in View (15:22)
Debugging Disabling of Checkboxes (16:47)
Adding Remember Preferences Checkbox (16:14)
Playing with Local Storage (16:06)
Using a Form POST (12:25)
Creating a DB Entity (19:24)
Creating a Repository (12:50)
Improving our DB Design (17:21)
Bugfixes Galore (37:06)
Final Bugfixes and Next Steps (27:29)
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