NOX, a night soul-journey Offer

Created By: Tim Ozpagan


Lessons: 15
Video: 0.9 Hours
NOX, a night soul-journey ritual is designed to introduce the student to methods for developing a personal experience of magick. This short series of seminars are designed as an introduction to the NOX ritual retreat.

  Videos are downloadable for offline viewing.

What's Inside This Offer?

NOX, a night soul-journey

What is the NOX, a night soul-journey?

How to use these seminars
Introduction and aims of the NOX seminars
The journeys of NOX
T. Thorn Coyle interviews Tim Ozpagan on the NOX ritual (52:17)

History of Dark Circle

How Dark Circle evolved from the NOX ritual
The qabalah of NOX

Archetypal Magick

Nuit, goddess and mother of the night sky and stars
Anubis Downunder
Deserts as soulful places


Nocturnal dreaming — place of the NOX
Trance Dances
Outline of the Ritual
NOX Ritual

Book References

Book References
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