MySQL + JavaScript + Spring Security Offer

Author: Trevor Page


Lessons: 81
Video: 26.5 Hours
This offer bundles together all the courses needed to satisfy the two highest levels for becoming a full-stack web application developer - the "front end" and "back end" levels.

What's Inside This Offer?

JavaScript Super Course

JavaScript Basics

Control Structures
Advanced IF Statements
For Loops
Advanced For Loops
While Loops

HTML Basics

Creating Your First Webpage
Input Tags
Input Tags (Part II)
Importing Scripts


What are Functions?
What are Functions? (Part II)

Fun with Strings

String Manipulation
IndexOf Function

Data Structures and Objects

Arrays (Part I)
Arrays (Part II)
Objects (Part I)
Objects (Part II)
Objects (Part III)
The Prototype

Miscellaneous Topics

Null vs. Undefined

JavaScript Closures

Closures + Encapsulation
Closures (Part II)

Final Assignment

Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part I)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part II)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part III)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IV)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part V)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VI)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VII)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VIII)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IX)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part X)

Databases and SQL Course

Module 1 - Getting Comfortable with Databases

Lesson #4 - What is SQL?
Lesson #5 - Using SQL Command Line
Lesson #6 - SQL Data Types
Lesson #7 - Create a Table
Lesson #8 - CRUD Part I
Lesson #9 - CRUD Part II
Assignment #1

Module 2 – What Makes Databases “Relational” & Why It’s Cool

Lesson #10 - Relationships
Lesson #11 - Normalization
Lesson #12 - One to Many Relationship
Lesson #13 - One to One Relationship
Lesson #14 - Many to Many
Lesson #15 - Tools
Assignment #2

Module 3 – How to Write SQL “Like a Boss”

Lesson #16 - Joins
Lesson #17 - Grouping
Lesson #18 - Aggregate Functions
Lesson #19 - Having Keyword
Lesson #20 - Ordering
Lesson #21 - Select Into
Assignment #3

Module 4 – Advanced Database Topics

Lesson #22 - Alter Tables
Lesson #23 - Views
Lesson #24 - Subqueries
Lesson #25 - Indexes
Lesson #26 - Backups
Assignment #4

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1 - How to Read the MySQL Documentation
Bonus Video #2 - Stored Procedures and Functions

Spring Security Course

Learning Spring Security

Video #3 – Spring Security “Hello World” (Part II)
Video #4 – Customizing Your Login Page
Video #5 – Creating Roles for Authorization
Video #6 – Integrating with a Database (via JDBC)
Video #7 – Using the Principal Object (Getting the User from the HttpRequest)
Video #8 – Automatic Advanced Password Encryption
Video #9 – Creating Custom Authentication Process (Integrating with Legacy Systems)
Video #10 – Adding Method Level Security
Video #11 – Concurrent Session Management